AIX Forum: collaborative meeting between GeneCellNano and the FCAI Flagship

Welcome to the AIX forum, a collaborative meeting of GeneCellNano and the FCAI Flagship, 23.1.2024, 9:30–15:00, in Dipoli, Palaver at Aalto University. The event will feature talks from experts in artificial intelligence as well as gene, cell and nanotechnology, with a focus on medical image analysis.

Register to the event by 14.1.2024 online at

The preliminary program of the event:

9.30–10.00 Coffee
10.00–10.15 Opening
10.15–10.30 Lauri Eklund (University of Oulu): Biological microscopy: Applications in GCN
10.30–10.45 Eero Hippeläinen (HUS Medical Imaging Center): Physicists’ Perspective: A Journey from Macroscopic to Microscopic in Molecular Radionuclide Therapy
10.45–11.00 Koen Van Leemput (Aalto University): Towards neuroimage analysis in the clinic
11.00–11.15 TBA
11.15–12.00 Discussion
12.00–13.00 Lunch (At own expense)
13.00–13.15 Hugo Gävert (DAIN Studios): Transparency in Diagnosis: How XAI Helps Doctors Interpret Deep Learning
13.15–13.30 Elias Ylä-Herttuala (University of Eastern Finland): Preclinial MR-imaging in small animal models
13.30–13.45 Coffee break
13.45–14.00 Minna Niittykoski (University of Eastern Finland): Approaches for biomarker and therapeutic studies of glioblastoma
14.00–14.15 Guoying Zhao (University of Oulu): Remote Heart Rate Measure from Videos
14.15–15.00 Discussion