The 2nd Annual Meeting of the GeneCellNano Flagship Consortium

The second annual meeting of the GCN Flagship will take place on 13.-14.4. in Biomedicum, Helsinki. This is an event for the consortium members and companies that wish to support the Flagship activities. For more information, contact the consortium coordinators at


Thursday, April 13

9:30 Arrival and coffee
10:15 Opening talk
10:30 Short presentations: Gene Therapy
11:45 Coffee and company booths
12:30 Short presentations: Cell Therapy
13:45 Coffee and company booths
14:15 Short presentations: Nanotechnology
16:00 Welcome reception, posters and company booths
19:30 Dinner

Friday, April 14

8:30 Coffee and company booths
9:00 Opening talk
9:05 Plenary talk
9:45 GCN Business opportunities
11:00 Lunch
12:15 Company talks
14:30 Coffee and departure