Professor Tetsuya Terasaki receives esteemed Ariëns award

Research Director, Visiting Professor Tetsuya Terasaki, one of the GeneCellNano Flagship’s Principal Investigators, is the laureate of Ariëns Award 2023. He was awarded at the FIGON Dutch Medicine days. Professor Terasaki gave his award lecture titled Pharmacoproteomics of the Brain Barriers, where he showed how the membrane protein quantification is useful in the prediction of unbound drug concentration in the brain and the understanding of receptor-mediated drug effect.

The Ariëns lecture is an annual event at the FIGON Dutch Medicine days, organized by the Dutch Pharmacological Society since 1984, and named after the famous Dutch pharmacologist Prof. Ariëns. Ariëns lecturers are eminent pharmacologists with a strong international orientation and a focus on molecular pharmacology.

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