Seppo Vainio
Professor, Flagship Vice-Director

Kvantum Institute, PI & Infotech Oulu, PI, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Laboratory of Developmental Biology, University of Oulu

Research line: Cell

Role in project:  Developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics from the cell secreted nano- and micro vesicles (EVs; exosomes)

Gene editing, stem cell based organ progenitor and organoid 4D cultures, in vivo disease modelling in vertebrates, development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools from the cell secreted nano- and micro vesicles (EVs, exosomes) that cargo DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites, EVs as novel ATMP therapeutics, EVs as stem cell fate programmers and gene editing tools, EV based in vivo imaging, drug targeting and vaccination. Technology development to classify, extract and label single EVs for in vivo target evaluation. EV based therapeutic signature identification, generation of artificially bioengineered  EVs and EV mass purification/production. Development of rapid, disposable on site and point of care EV based disease diagnostics with the ecosystem of researchers and clinicians.