Olli Ikkala
Distinguished Professor

Aalto University

Research line: Nanomaterials science, biomimetics

Role in project: Functional nanocarriers for ATMPs

I have 25 years expertize in nanomaterials science to design and realize functional self-assemblies. I have received twice ERC Adv Grant and twice academy professorship. Presently I am recipient of Alexander von Humboldt Research Award collaborating with University of Bayreuth/Germany for colloidal nanoscience. The most remarkable achievements include: Polymeric supramolecular hierarchies for functional materials (Science 1998); Nanocelluloses for functional materials, ranging from responsive and gated gels, aerogels, threads, structural colour to absorbents (since 2008); Out-of-equilibrium self-assemblies (Science 2013): and Multistimulus responsive materials that mimic associative learning (Nat. Commun. 2019). Most recently, I have been interested in hydrogels for breast cancer explant culturing, supporting Helsinki University efforts, and strain stiffening gels mimicking extracellular matrices based on rigidity transitions.