Minna Niittykoski
PhD, Adjunct professor
University of Eastern Finland

Research line: Gene, Cell

Role in project: Disease-based models, translational research, cancer biology

Research and expertise: I am a senior scientist and an initiator of the brain tumor research line which utilizes fresh patient material. Beyond cancer studies spanning from in vitro and ex vivo up to in vivo level, I have expertise in the fields of developmental biology and neurobiology/neurodegenerative diseases. The current interest involves malignant brain tumors, particularly glioblastoma. We are determining its characteristics and aiming for the discovery of new cancer biomarkers and molecular targets for example to immunotherapies. We are using multiple approaches (e.g. novel patient derived cell lines and organoids) for modeling disease. More detailed information of biomarkers and molecular targets may benefit patient diagnostics and help to select and design better and more personalized therapies.