Artturi Koivuniemi
University of Helsinki

Research line: Nano, Cell

Role in project: Investigation of nanodiscs-based therapeutics for advancing cardiovascular disease treatments

Research and expertise: I am an Academy Research Fellow and the Principal Investigator of the Lipoprotein Lab in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki. Our primary focus is to understand how molecular organization and interactions at the atomistic scale govern the therapeutic potential of lipoprotein-mimetic nanodiscs and small LCAT-targeted positive allosteric modulators. To gain this insight, we employ a tight combination of computational modeling tools and experimental biophysical and biochemical techniques. In this flagship project, we harness the knowledge acquired to advance the development of nanodisc-based therapies specifically designed for addressing challenges in cardiovascular diseases. Research interests: cardiovascular diseases, lipoproteins, drug delivery, therapeutic mechanisms, and nanodiscs.