Argumenta Healthy environment – healthy people workshop on extracellular vesicles 19.6.2023

Argumenta Healthy environment – healthy people workshop on extracellular vesicles takes place on Monday 19.6.2023 in the University of Oulu Science Garden (Kaitoväylä 5, Oulu). Registration and the zoom-link for the event is available upon request from Susanna Kaisto (susanna.kaisto[a] Please register by 17.6.2023.


08:30                 Coffee

Session 1        Introduction to extracellular vesicles (Chair: Anatoliy Samolyenko)
08.45–09.00     Seppo Vainio: Introduction to pico – nano – microcosmos
09.00–09.10    Ilkka Nissinen: Towards wearable Raman devices by means of CMOS technology
09.10–09.20    Vladimir Zhivonitko: On identification of extracellular nanoparticle subset by NMR
09.20–09.30     Seyedamirhosein Abdorahimzadeh: Towards nanomicrofluidics 
09.30–09.40     Lauri Rannaste: miRNA and NC measures in printed microfluidics

Session 2        EVs in the environment, microbiome (Chair: Feby Pratiwi)
09.45–09.55       Minna Poranen: Bacterial viruses as nanobiotech tools
09.55–10.05     Katharina Kujala: Environmental microbes
10.05-10.15     Feby Pratiwi: Berry and tree secreted microvesicles and their roles

10.15-10.45     Coffee break

Session 3        EVs in health I (Chair: Nsrein Ali)
10.45–10.55    Mirka Hintsanen: Personality and Health and Well-being
10.55–11.05    Niina Salokorpi: Glioma brain tumorgenesis challenge
11.05–11.15    Ville Pimenoff: Power of longitudinal cohort studies – Finnish Maternity Cohort
11.15–11.25     Jane Chen: T-cell nanobioworld
11.25–11.35     Nsrein Ali: Skin as a diagnostic unit
11.35–11.45     Anatoliy Samoylenko: Cancer nanobiocosmos                         

11:45-12.15     Brown Bag lunch

Session 4        Networking and discussion (Chair: Seppo Vainio)
12.15–14.00       Discussion. Topics: Possibilities to collaborate. Joint grant applications.